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The Business Benefits of Email Marketing

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Alan Cantes
07th Nov 2011

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Email Marketing

The Business Benefits of Email Marketing

As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve, so do the direct marketing techniques employed by companies to successfully communicate their message, products and services to potential customers.

A marketing policy-shift has taken place away from traditional high unit cost, intangible advertising methods such as printed business directories and hand-out catalogues, towards low-cost, measurable digital forms such as online brochures, search advertising and social media platforms.

In fact, according to a recent paper by the Direct Marketing Association, the Return on Investment (ROI) from email marketing when compared to these other methods is extremely favourable:

Chart showing different advertising mediums and their relative returns.

Furthermore, a 72% majority of companies rated email marketing as an "excellent" or "good" return on investment according to E-consultancy’s "Email Marketing Census 2011".

Why is email so successful?

It's Measurable

One of the frustrations with marketing activities is that they can be a grey area where it is difficult to measure what is working, and what is just not offering a return. When you conduct email marketing with a system like the Source Email Manager, you can see very quickly what your recipients are responding to, and what they are not thanks to a set of visually appealing reports.

It's Manageable

Having fine-grain control over your email campaigns shouldn’t be a luxury. Source Email Manager automatically processes and manages your mailing lists as they grow, keeps track of the people who don’t want to receive your emails, and gives you the tools you need to be able to create and send great-looking email campaigns with no limitations, fuss, or effort. You can also re-use the email templates and edit their contents as many times as you like.

It's Low Cost

Email marketing compares very favourably to traditional printed marketing when you consider the cost-per-unit in each case. Printing and postage costs alone often make sending out catalogues and product brochures cost-prohibitive, and then you need to take into account the man hours involved in actually preparing them for despatch. Expensive!

It's Business-Grade

Source Email Manager is a purpose-built system. It will schedule your email campaigns to send at your pre-determined times, it will handle mailing lists of any number of recipients, and it has a flawless sender reputation with the major Internet Service Providers to ensure deliverability of emails is always optimised. Sadly, you won’t get any of these benefits if you try and send your bulk email campaigns out with your office broadband connection and a copy of Outlook 2007.

Not convinced by the powers of email marketing? Call today on 01455 614711 and we will arrange to demonstrate Source Email Manager to you in person.

Image courtesy of kirstyhall on Flickr.

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